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EMDR Intensives

An EMDR Intensive is when a client comes to therapy for approximately 1-3 days (half or full days), depending on your needs. A clinician can work together with the client to curate the length of treatment to meet the client’s needs. The traditional framework of therapy was outlined by insurance companies for 45 minutes once a week. It is difficult to process an EMDR target in 45 minutes, and that can be stressful for clients to leave targets open (not fully processed) for days or a week at a time in between sessions.An intensive allows the client to fully process several EMDR targets consecutively, allowing months or years worth of therapy to be accomplished in days. EMDR Intensives can be used in conjunction with with other therapies and practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, massage therapy, nutrition counseling to offer a thorough healing experience. 

Is an EMDR Intensive Right for You?

Is it difficult or creating more stress in your life trying to carve out time in your weekly schedule to meet with your therapist? Are your symptoms or concerns causing significant disruptions in your daily life: relationships, work, happiness? Have you tried talk therapy before and fell off due to time restraints or feeling like not much progress was made? Many clinicians are seeing significant results with an intensive format, and it might be a great fit for you. We offer EMDR intensives for those who want to see and feel results in the near future instead of spending months or years in therapy or for those who it just simply fits best with their schedules. Our EMDR Intensives are provided in-person in our upscale, airy Fort Lauderdale office located less than a mile from the beach. Schedule a call back to learn more about our EMDR Intensives.

EMDR Recap

A Recap on EMDR:  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a type of therapy used to help people recover from trauma and distressing experiences in life. Trauma is when our coping system is overloaded and our brain is changed following the event and overload of our system. Manifestations from trauma can include PTSD, anxiety, addiction, depression, relationship issues, self-limiting beliefs, and low self-esteem. EMDR allows brains to naturally heal while focusing on the traumatic event, sensations your feeling in your body, and the negative self belief while the clinician facilitates BLS (bi-lateral stimulation). Bi-lateral stimulation is side to side stimulation and can be done by eye movements, holding tappers (device that vibrates alternately between hands), tapping (on legs or butterfly tapping), or audio.