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Concierge Care

You get to decide what care looks like for you.

Receiving care through the traditional healthcare approach limits the amount of care and support you can get to manage your mental health. With concierge care, we offer efficient and accessible services to you with direct access to your providers.

What is concierge therapy?

Concierge therapy is a high level of individualized mental health service provided by the clinicians at Restorative Integrations. Concierge care is an alternative to the traditional care delivery model. The clinicians have a smaller caseload to increase the flexible to make ourselves available and accessible for you. Depending on your needs at the time, you can decide what this model will look like for you!

Why concierge therapy? What are the benefits?

  • Direct access to your clinician
  • Opportunity for more visits per week
  • Availability with your clinician in the evening hours and weeks (for non-urgent, routine visits) via messaging, phone calls, visits.
  • Longer appointment times
  • Expedited/priority scheduling
  • Privacy! In-home visits if preferred
  • Accessibility in between scheduled sessions